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Charm by J.A. Armitage
YA fantasy/reverse fairytale

I went into this story thinking it would be a light-hearted retelling of Cinderella, only maybe without the talking animals. What I got instead was a page turner that kept me reading well past my bed time, a story of convoluted court drama, Magi/Non-Magi relations that made me think of some of our current issues, and an intense longing for book two RIGHT NOW!

I admit I was a bit disappointed in some aspects of the ending. I think our villains got off way to easy and simplistically, for starters. But I also am aware they weren’t the focus of the book and because the book left me wanting more, I was okay with it.

This is an excellent read, one of the better books I’ve read in a while. I’m so glad I picked up this advanced copy for review.

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