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Dark Embrace by Eve Silver
paranormal gothic romance

This book started out promising with the feel of a good old fashioned vampire tale. These vampires weren’t too broody and lived the darkness their lifestyle demanded. I appreciated the characters being well drawn and the story gripped me. And then…it all started to fall flat. Her easy acceptance of his nature, the twist at the end, which was oh-so-Hallmark Channel–even the ending just kind of felt like the author was done and everything wrapped up in a neat little bow, with no one so much as caring that while it was nice to only dine on critically ill patients at the end of their lives, that one of them murdered four people for whom the heroine cared for in her role as a nurse, and she so much as didn’t blink an eye.

I received this book free from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily review this book. This is my honest review.