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My Author Home Reviews F.A.Q.


What books do you review?

We review books that are submitted to us for review. Our preference is for romance, fantasy, and science fiction genres (or a blend of them). We also review nonfiction.

At this time we do not have reviewers interested in non-romantic mysteries/suspense/thriller or horror.

Do I have to be a member to receive a review?

No. Our reviewers are members of several street teams and we also review the books submitted to us. You do not have to be a My Author Home or Unscramblet Author Solutions customer to receive a review.

What file formats do you read?

We prefer .prc/.mobi files for Kindle or .pdf files.

Will you guarantee a good review?

We cannot guarantee 100% glowing reviews. We will provide the positive along with what we may have wished were better. And if we cannot say something positive about the book, we will allow the author to have the final say on whether the review will be posted.

Why do you have a review site with your business?

Honestly, because I love writing reviews and having a place to showcase them, along with posting on Amazon and other vendors, is very helpful to me. I hope this site is helpful to you, too.

and the
My Author
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How can I purchase advertising?

Advertising is purchased through the main My Author Home site. All ads will rotate on all three sites.

Will you advertise any book?

We are open to all books with the exception of pure erotica (no romantic content at all) or anything promoting illegal acts including those listed in the main site’s terms of service. We will do our best to divide up ads based on heat level to advertise appropriately on member sites.

Is advertising refundable?

No. Your ad will run the full duration and is nonrefundable.


Do you have a review code of ethics

We do. These are detailed on our review guidelines page. We will disclose any potential conflict of interest, how we obtained the book, and we never guarantee a positive review.

I understand that in this industry many people wear many hats. We will try to not review books published by the houses where we’re published–that would put authors in a potentially difficult spot.

How long does it take you to review?

It depends, but if we don’t have a reviewer pick up your book within 90 days we’ll ask for another 90 day period to see if we can have a reviewer pick up the book.

Who do you accept as reviewers?


Again, we’re aware people wear many hats, so we won’t explicitly exclude anyone based on their role in publishing. However, we will ask for people to exercise discretion and avoid conflicts of interests.

We also refuse the right to accept a reviewer for any reason.

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For any other questions, please contact us.