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Maybe Baby by E.E. Burke
contemporary romance

I am a huge fan of E.E. Burke’s writing. I love her historical books. Jen and Logan’s story was fun, heartwarming, and probably not meant for someone childfree like myself. Jen is looking for a donor to father her child. Her biological clock is ticking (Hey, mine meowed!) and she wants a baby. When Logan shows up for the wedding at her neighbor’s house, he seems to fit the bill. Sexy. Smart. And only in town for a short period of time.

Get-A-Baby books aren’t my bag, but E.E.’s writing made me want to find out what happened to these characters. In the end, while it was Jen’s biological clock that brought them together, it was their relationship that sold the story for me. This was an emotional read, one with well-developed characters, and I highly recommend it and look forward to seeing more books in the Texas Hearts series.

I received an ARC of this book.

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