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Review Policies

At My Author Home Reviews we understand that many people in the book world today where many hats. There really is no such thing as “just a reader”, because even if you don’t write, if you don’t promote, if you don’t publish books, you most likely tell people about books. You share reviews, even if you aren’t a reviewer, or at least don’t call yourself that.

So, we have created these policies to make sure that our reviews are published with full integrity and without conflicts of interest.

  1. We do not guarantee a specific type of review. Look, we want to love your book. We really do. But sometimes, the book just isn’t our cup of tea. Maybe it was mechanics like the plot or character. Maybe we have read bazillion vampire billionaire books and are so tired of them and your book just didn’t stand out. Maybe the editing really needed work. Our reviews will be honest, spoiler-free, and we don’t just bash. We’ll tell you what we liked too. But we’re not going to guarantee a glowing review. Just can’t do it.
  2. Our reviewers will not review books from houses where they are currently published.
  3. Our reviewers will disclose where a potential conflict of interest may be. For example if they review a book from an author they know or share a writing organization group with.
  4. If, for some reason, we cannot post a review with any positive information, we’ll contact the author and let him or her know. This is the only time we’ll let authors read reviews prior to posting them.
  5. If after 90 days our reviewers have not yet selected a book, we’ll write the author/publisher/whoever submitted the book and ask for another 90 days.
  6. These guidelines are subject to change. If we do make a change, we’ll let you know.